Accounting Management System Made Easy

When one mentions accounting system, listeners automatically think it’s complicated. Hence, for many starting or existing small and medium enterprises, Excel seems to be the easiest solution for simple booking keeping needs and activities, and it will work up to a certain point.

The limitations of Excel

As a business grows, there are some things Excel functions won’t be able to do. While Excel can simplify your work in terms of finding and sorting data according to date, the client or amount, or that it allows you to structure your bookkeeping contents and categories the way you feel you need it to be, there are certain limitations to what Excel can do. Not to mention that even if Excel is easy to use, there are functions that you still need to learn before it even becomes practical and useful to you.

The need for an accounting system software

Business won’t wait for you to learn a financial system, though. What any growing business needs is local accounting software designed for Herculean tasks such as tracking sales and expense or real-time reports and trends. An accounting software like Oojeema, Philippine’s first online accounting system, is interestingly designed for both small and medium enterprises as well as accountants. A comparative chart of Excel and Oojeema will give a better picture of what the advantages and disadvantages of the two programs are:
Oojeema Accounting Software
  • Comes with most computer programs for a price, easy to acquire
  • Free subscription to minimal monthly price depending on the business needs
  • Excel requires the user to assign categories.  The user can customize it according to what he needs and wants to see in the spreadsheet.
  • Oojeema can do better. The software already has the categories set up for you. All you have to do is put in the data that you need.
  • You need to learn more complex functions which most people do not have time to do given the competitive nature of any business.
  • You have to think about what data to put and how you’re going to use the data, then figure out the best way to design your spreadsheet.
  • Formulas and functions are pre-set and are specifically designed for small and medium enterprises.
  • With Oojeema, you don’t need to learn complex formulas and functions. Oojeema is linked with accredited, licensed and reliable bookkeepers or accountants who are available to give advice and work with clients as well.
  • Because data can be changed easily, auditing errors and inaccuracy are expected
  • Working with a bulk of information and different categories make integration among different categories more challenging and difficult
  • Quickly generate real-time reports effortlessly,
  • Track sales, expenses, and inventory
  • Fill-up BIR Forms without breaking a sweat
  • You can record each transaction and generate reports, but you have to do it manually.
  • Integrating with other programs such as Visual Basic is necessary before you can automate other business tasks.
  • Access wherever, whenever you need or want it
Even though using Excel can be a cost-efficient way to do your accounting management needs, considering the time and effort you need to organize and work on important details would require a more accurate and productive system that is designed to work with your and for you.  The benefits of investing in a suitable accounting system package such as Oojeema will allow you to spend more time on other important aspects of your business. Try the best online accounting software for FREE!

Oojeema is Philippines’ FIRST online accounting software designed to simplify your accounting processes.