3 Reasons Oojeema Is a Better Option than Ledger and Journal

We all agree that our beloved ledger and journal have gone a long way to make sure our finances are in check. However, we are also aware of the limitations this method has in terms of accounting.

For starters, it’s a challenge to search for old records or any record for that matter. Second, there’s no backup. If these records are lost, most probably they’re lost forever. Last, they are not secure. Anyone who has access to them can tamper the data (read: Teleserye eksena).

For these reasons, we highly recommend digital and online accounting systems. But, we also know that modern systems seem to be intimidating, especially for those who are not very much familiar with the current technology.

This is the exact reason we created Oojeema.

Why switch to Oojeema?

  1. Oojeema is easy to use. Once you log in to the system, everything you see on the dashboard is self-explanatory. There are no workarounds needed. You don’t need plug-ins to create BIR forms. You don’t have to install anything. All you need is a browser and an internet connection.
  2. Oojeema is localized. When we say localized, it is created with the Filipinos in mind. Hence, for your reports and taxation, you’ll see forms that are optimized for the Philippine businesses. Even the support system is localized. You can ask your questions in Filipino/Tagalog, and we will reply in the same language. Nagtatagalog po kami. (We speak Tagalog).
  3. Oojeema is secure. Whenever you input data on Oojeema, these will automatically be backed up to our secure cloud storage. No need to get a flash drive (aka USB) to have a duplicate copy of your files. And when we say secure, we mean bank-level security. We guarantee that all your confidential information remain confidential.

Have some questions? Contact us here. We’d be very happy to help.