Technology in Small Businesses: How To Make It Work For You

Let’s take a step back and check just how much technology has changed the lives of regular people. From ride-hailing to instant messaging, a whole lot of work can be done through countless apps available on web and mobile.

In today’s evolving world, the importance of technology in small businesses is being emphasized more and more each day. Keeping up to date with the digital world is required for any business, especially those that are just starting to take off.

Technology is a powerful tool that can propel a team to greatness; any company would do well to use this knowledge. To help out with that, we’ve noted down the 5 benefits that a team gets when they take advantage of modern technology.

  1. Instant Communication

They say teamwork makes the dream work – and the best way to build teamwork is through communication. An open flow of information between team members improves productivity, and this communication directly affects the company’s results.

With the abundance of instant messaging applications, the team can simply select the one that fits their needs best. Skype caters to companies who rely on video conference calls, while Slack comes highly configurable with channels and auto-reminders. Telegram is famous for being quick and lightweight, and there’s Facebook Messenger, for the more casual teams.

While emails and physical meetings are too important – and won’t be out of the picture soon – instant messaging works best when there are urgent discussions and simple clarifications. It also fosters a bit more personal conversation between the team, which definitely boosts morale.

  1. Marketing Made Easy

Long gone are the days when promoters had to walk door to door just to advertise a product or service. Social media has dominated the scene, offering a digital promotion at little to no cost for businesses. There’s a lot of hype and gimmicks easily done on social platforms that can spread the word about any product faster than ever.

Social Media is also special in a way that it allows businesses to target an audience specifically, and for audiences to select the content they wish to see. It’s a win-win situation for both parties. Cayleigh Parrish cautions businesses, however, that social media marketing takes time as well as a lot of effort. Some publicity stunt may receive backlash; and, due to the viral speed of the internet, may hurt the company’s image.

More than anything, these social platforms powered by technology give businesses a chance to give constant updates to the public. It’s a way to ingrain the product, service, or brand into the daily lives of potential customers.

  1. Work Efficiency

If there’s one thing that takes out the fun in work, it’s the boring and repetitive tasks employees are forced to do. While it may seem like a necessary evil – believe us, it’s not – all it takes is some strategizing and planning.

Automation is the key to eliminating these mundane parts of work. Small businesses especially benefit from this practice, since their processes are still simple and can be automated fairly easily.

Knowing which tasks to automate is crucial as well. Armando Roggio advises teams on which processes to automate first: easier workflows, daily chores, and non-scalable activities. This automation saves valuable resources – time and money – highlighting the importance of technology in small businesses.

  1. Team Security

Small businesses think that they can put off security mechanisms until they’ve grown, but this could be a costly mistake. Any business – whether a budding start-up or an established corporation – can be attacked by malicious software. Companies are advised to use protection before it’s too late.

Encryption of sensitive files such as company secrets and personnel information is a must; confidential information should be treated with as much care as possible. Employees within the business should also be educated with the proper security measures – strong passwords, phishing identification, and other vulnerabilities.

Business Matters expands on the importance of security in companies, emphasizing the risks and precautions that the team must take. As technology advances for the good of people, the same technology also equips those with harmful intent. The best way to protect the company is to keep the security updated as well.

  1. Gearing towards the Future 

Technology is here to stay. Resisting to adapt to the current trends will definitely cause the business to be left behind. Customers demand companies to keep up with the increasingly mobile lifestyle in order to suit their needs.

The company doesn’t have to ride every crazy new fad or promote using the most cutting edge technology. What the team has to do first is accept that going digital is not an option, but a requirement. The transition may take some time and effort, but it is ultimately better to start now and gear up for the future.

Clearly, the importance of technology in small businesses cannot be denied. Looking at the past few years, the industries have encountered a major game changer in the form of technology. The digital world advances rapidly, with the internet, computers, and mobile phones at the fingertips of almost all players.

The benefits of technology in businesses can be seen in the culture, productivity, and results of any company. There are countless ways to improve a team with the right tools of technology, with five of them listed above. All it takes is a strong initiative and consistent follow-through to make technology work for you! Embrace technology and say hello to better work efficiency now.

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