Accounting Software
in the Philippines
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Easy to use accounting software in the Philippines that
supports BIR-compliant reports and forms

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Accounting Software Dashboard

Get a bird’s-eye
view of your

Get a bird’s-eye view of your business

Get a comprehensive overview of your business through a visual dashboard.

This tool empowers you to monitor your financial data effectively, enabling you to stay in control.

Accounting Software

Starting at
Php 490.00

Scalable cloud-based solution you can afford

Our flexible plans are perfect for solo entrepreneurs or teams of accountants.

Grow your business with confidence.


Accountant's Dream:
Save Time and Avoid Stress

Accountant's Dream:
Save Time and Avoid Stress

Experience over 90% reduction in the time  you spend preparing BIR forms and reports.

Say goodbye to the stress of managing your books and focus on engaging with your customers.

Accounting Software in the Philippines

Made by Filipinos
for Filipinos

Made by Filipinos for Filipinos

Created by Filipinos, our accounting software is tailored to meet your unique needs.

Be a part of history as we introduce the first software of its kind, implementing BIR-compliant forms and reports.

What can you do with Oojeema?

Accounting Software sample screens

Stay updated on various aspects of your business – from invoices and billings to expenses and purchases.

Access crucial information right from the start, simplifying your tax filing process with BIR compliance.

Sales Invoice Accounting Software

Explore What You Can Achieve with Oojeema’s Accounting Software

Easily stay updated with a complete view of all your transactions in one screen. See all transaction statuses without having to spend so much time figuring out how to find them.

Create records and process payments all within reach on the same screen.


Accounting software sales invoice feature

Sales Invoice

Record sale of goods to your customers.

Accounting software expense feature


Capture your operating expenses and other payables.

Accounting software purchase feature


Goods that you buy gets recorded quickly & easily.

Accounting software billing invoice feature


Properly record your service billings

Accounting software receive payment feature

Receive Payments

No fuss tracking of customer payments for sales and billing invoices.

Accounting software issue payment feature

Issue Payments

Accurately track disbursements without fear of double payments.

Accounting software bank reconciliation feature

Bank Reconciliation

Upload your bank statements and easily reconcile them with Oojeema accounting software.

Accounting software journal voucher feature

Journal Voucher

Make adjustments,  create journal entries and other special accounting entries.

Free for 14 days | No Credit Card Required

“In 2019, with the increase in our sales volume, we thought of hiring a bookkeeper or switch to an accounting software. A friend recommended Oojeema to us. It is user friendly. And of course, I saved on hiring a new personnel. Compared to QuickBooks (which I earlier looked at), Oojeema is customized to meet Philippine tax systems making filling of tax returns easier and faster. Most importantly, Oojeema is  very reasonably priced and their technical support is also very responsive.”


Claire Fernandez, Importer & Distributor
 CAM Industrial Sourcing

Free for 14 days | No Credit Card Required

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Get organized with an accounting software made for the Philippines and start growing your business

No Credit Card Required

No Credit Card Required


Got questions?

We’ve got the answers.

Which plan is right for me?

If you’re a freelancer or a solo business owner, you can start with our Lite Plan. But if you’re managing a team of accountants, our Pro Plan is highly recommended

Do you have Customer Support? 

Yes! We have reliable and trusted email and chat support available from 8 am to 5 pm. 

Which BIR forms and reports are supported?

We support all BIR forms, including Books of Accounts, BIR form 2307, VAT Summary, and more. It also gets updated whenever there are changes.

How many users are supported in Lite and Pro?

We support unlimited users for both plans; you don’t have to pay extra for each user! 

Does Oojeema automatically submit transactions to BIR?

No. We don’t automatically submit transactions to BIR. We make it easy for you to fill out forms and generate reports, but the submission depends on you or your accountant. 

Can someone from your team call me first before I sign up? 

Of course! We’re happy to help you out. Feel free to send your phone number and the best time to call you to [email protected] or Book A Demo

How accurate is Oojeemas Inventory Management?

Oojeema’s Inventory Management is highly accurate! It meticulously tracks your inventory, keeping everything in check in real-time and up to the last unit.

What inventory costing do you support?

Oojeema supports inventory management using the average costing method.

This method calculates the average cost of all units in stock, providing a simple and effective way to allocate costs.

Can I book a demo before trying out Oojeema??

Absolutely, we’d love to show you around! Hop over to our demo page and pick a time that suits you. We’re excited to meet you and introduce you to all the neat features of Oojeema

Free for 14 days | No Credit Card Required