Inventory Management Simplified

Save hours and skip the headache with an easy,
accurate, and real-time inventory management system

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Inventory Beginning Balance

Easy Setup for Beginning Balances

Accurately establish your initial inventory balances and cost per unit, so you can make smart and fast decisions for your business

Track Costs

Cost of Goods

Optimize profitability with precise Cost of Goods Sold tracking. Oojeema simplifies analysis, offering real-time insights for smarter business decisions.

Track Inventory

Track Inventory in Real-Time 

Track inventory levels and cost changes with each transaction. Swap guesswork for real-time clarity of your inventory levels.

Inventory Adjustment

Make Quick Inventory Adjustments

Streamline inventory adjustments effortlessly with Oojeema. Our intuitive system makes it a breeze to maintain accurate stock levels and ensure your business runs seamlessly.


Manage Your Returns Accurately

Simplify returns effortlessly with Oojeema. Manage sales and purchase returns, ensuring accurate records and a smoother process for your business.

help filipinos

Designed to help Filipinos

Unlike other tools, Oojeema records tax details of all transactions and is automatically calculated in the BIR Forms and Reports.

No Credit Card Required

BIR Forms

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