Empowering Philippine SMEs with BIR-Compliant, Practical, Cost-Effective ERP Solutions

Simplify Your Sales Process with Ease

Experience an intuitive interface that mimics traditional documents, streamlining every step from quotes to invoices. Track inventory, manage customer information, and ensure data accuracy with automatic updates and approval workflows.


Streamline quote management, win deals faster. Generate quotations in minutes.

Sales Orders

Convert quotes to orders and automatically allocate inventory so you don’t overbook your stocks.


Convert quotes to orders and automatically allocate inventory so you don’t overbook your stocks.


Convert quotes to orders and automatically allocate inventory so you don’t overbook your stocks.

Easy Procurement Workflow

From purchase requests to comprehensive order tracking, ensure smooth procurement processes that provide clear visibility into incoming stock and inventory levels.


Capture procurement with purchase requests. Create, track, and manage all your supplies requirements in one place with ease.

Purchase Orders

Optimize supplier interactions. Easily generate and manage purchase orders, ensuring accurate order tracking and inventory visibility.


Ensure accuracy in goods receipt. Review and confirm quantities,  prices, accounting entries,  inventory updates, and costing for precise tracking.

Manage Inventory Across Multiple Locations

Keep track of stock levels, movements, and costing with automated updates during sales and purchasing and maintain control across different warehouses.


Monitor stock levels across warehouses, track on-hand, on-order, allocated, and available inventory for optimal management.


Track all inventory movements: sales, purchases, transfers, and returns for comprehensive visibility and control.


Maintain precise inventory records with easy adjustments and periodic physical counts to ensure system accuracy across all warehouses.


Access detailed costing reports with drill-down to understand how current inventory values are determined.

Financial Management and Control

Oojeema Prime enhances financial operations with automated AP/AR entries, detailed financial reporting, and seamless BIR compliance, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and regulatory adherence for SMEs.

Financial Entries

Financial operations with automatic AP and AR processing from sales,  purchases, and disbursement transactions, ensuring data accuracy and efficiency

Tax Compliance

Simplify tax management with automatic processing and generation of BIR returns, eliminating re-work and ensuring tax compliance.

Comprehesive Reporting

Generates standard financial statements, aging reports, AR/AP reports, and audit trails, and much more ensuring businesses have access to real-time financial insights.

EOPT Law Compliance

Oojeema Prime simplifies compliance not only with existing BIR regulations but also with the new EOPT law, providing SMEs with automated processes and comprehensive tools to meet regulatory requirements effortlessly and accurately.