Streamline Your Restaurant Accounting with Oojeema

Restaurant Oojeema

Running a successful restaurant requires not only delicious food but also efficient financial management. Oojeema, an easy-to-use cloud-based accounting software, simplifies accounting tasks for restaurants of all sizes.

Understanding Financial Ratios for Your Business.


Financial ratios are a useful tool for analyzing your company’s financial health and performance. By comparing financial metrics, financial ratios can help you see into your company’s liquidity, solvency, profitability and efficiency.

How to Prepare a Trial Balance

trial balance

A trial balance is a tool used in accounting to verify that the total value of all debit entries in a company’s general ledger equals the total value of all credit entries. This is an important check to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your company’s financial records

The Benefits of an Accounting Software

benefits of accounting software

If you’re running a small business, you may be wondering whether an accounting software with tax compliant reporting features is worth the investment. The answer is a resounding yes. An accounting software with tax compliant reporting features can provide numerous benefits for your business, including increased efficiency, better organization, and improved accuracy in reporting.